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First Looks vrs Aisle Looks

Let’s talk about a commonly debated topic when it comes to making the timeline for your wedding day! First looks vrs aisle looks…

Before I get into it, ultimately I want my clients to do what they want because I want your wedding day to be meaningful and significant to you!

That being said, I think it is great to look into the reasonings why someone might choose one option over the other!

When you do a first look there tends to be more flexibility within the timeline of your wedding day. You can schedule doing the majority of your bride/groom, bridal party and family photos all before your guests arrive. I love this option because after the ceremony you have so much more time to celebrate and chat with all of your guests! There is also a seamless flow between the ceremony and reception since you don’t need to schedule a couple of hours in the middle of the day to do all the photos.

I’ve heard a lot of clients tell me that they don’t want their first look to feel staged or rushed and I totally understand! Someways that I would structure it to be most genuine and special to you are below!

-Play your favourite music in the background

-Have this moment between only you two (and your photographer/videographer). There can be a lot of pressure when people are watching

-You can read personal vows or letters

-Do a final dance as fiancé’s before becoming husband and wife

-Enjoy this slow quiet moment as you prepare for the absolute best party and celebration of your life!

If none of that appeals to you that is 100% okay! A traditional aisle look will be just as special if that is what you and your fiancé desire! If you want your loved ones present to witnesses the entirety of your ceremony then this is a great option. Us photographers also love to get a good reaction shot during the ceremony as well. (But even when you do a first look you’ll still likely get a good ceremony reaction shot too haha).

If you’d prefer to have a break in between your ceremony and reception to wind down a bit (or stop at your fav fast food restaurant ha) then scheduling a break for photos might work better for you! This option also allows you to have an earlier ceremony if that is also something you wish for.

If you don’t want to do a first look with your husband but still love the idea of having reactions, then I would consider doing a first look with either your bridesmaids or a parent!

At the end of the day, do what works best for you and your production team will be able to genuinely document your beautiful day!

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