Golden Hour Couple Session At Crescent Beach

I'm often asked what my favourite location is and although it is so hard to choose, Crescent Beach will always be one of my top favs! There is something so magical about watching the sun go down at the ocean on a summer night. When Kaitlyn and John were looking at locations I had suggested this beach and they were 100% down!

What is so amazing about Crescent Beach is that there is so much variety all within walking distance! We explored so many different parts of this beach. This was a win-win situation because I love changing up the background and scenery during my shoots and Kaitlyn and John were totally willing to explore!

It ended up being the most beautiful sunset on this July evening. Near the end there were so many others taking photos of the sky with their phones and cameras but we didn't let that stop us from capturing that golden hour glow!

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