My favourite Fraser Valley photoshoot locations for Fall:

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Now that the fall season is coming to a close, I wanted to share some of my favourite spots to shoot at during this time of year in BC.

1. Campbell Valley Park:

My clients Caitlyn and Daniel came to me asking for a location with long, dry grass for their engagement session! I had seen a bunch of photos on Instagram of Campbell Valley Park with the perfect field, but every time I went I ended up at the wrong entrance. I knew that Caitlyn wanted a full field to suit her boho style so I went scouting a little bit before the shoot. I was so happy when I found this field as it was exactly what my clients had envisioned for their location! The field opens up where the sun sets as well so golden hour was perfect!

This field can be found on at the South Entrance on 8th avenue in Langley! Super easy access, but would recommend you wear good shoes as the grass was pretty deep in some parts of the field.

We stayed in this area for our whole shoot but the park is huge and there are tons of spots to explore beyond this field.

I had forgot I had actually been at this location in the summer but it looked totally different and was harder to access. The peak season for this location is definitely in the fall!

2. Pitt Meadows/Pitt Lake

Pitt meadow never disappoints! My clients were on holidays and wanted to some bridal portraits in a location that really displayed what BC is known for! My initial response was of course mountains! I suggested Pitt Meadows and it was perfect for these two newly weds!

I shoot at Pitt Meadows year round and it's absolutely gorgeous, but when I went in September we were able to walk down into the field instead of just taking photos on the path. I'm not sure if it's only accessible to walk down during the early fall, but I had never noticed a way to the field before this shoot.

It is a little difficult walking around in all the grass and the ground was a slightly muddy so just watch your step when shooting at this location.

If you also drive down the road you'll find another parking lot by the lake and I love shooting at that location as well!

3. Aldergrove Bowl

Aldergrove bowl will forever be a classic! I just love how open the field is and there is tons of room to explore! A lot of people get confused with the different entrances to this location, but I prefer Aldergrove Bowl over Aldergrove Regional Park.

Love the variety of different fields around this area and there is also some forest spots if you want to change things up a bit.

You'll probably run into another photographer when shooting at this location too (:

In the spring time the field totally changes are there are a bunch of pretty flowers, but this location is also perfect for fall!

Another bonus is that there is always tons of parking available!

4. Golden Ears Provincial Park

I just LOVE Golden ears park! If you're going on a sunny day thought I would suggest waiting until the sun starts to go down so that the background of mountains is not over exposed. Thankfully there are lots of trees that create shade in the early evening so you don't have to go too late in the day and risk loosing light.

On this day it was crazy windy, but as the day moved on, the wind calmed down. There is so much variety at this location. The mountains are stunning behind that gorgeous lake, there is a beautiful forest, and down the road you'll find Gold Creek which is also a super pretty location.

It does get pretty busy here so you may have to photoshop some people out or just try your best to avoid having others in the background.

One thing to note is that the cell service is super bad so make sure you have a good plan on how to meet your clients in case you can't find them.

5. Willband Creek Park

This location is perfect if you are from Abbotsford and want to stay close to home for your photos! I did a couple of shoots at Willband creek in the summer, but I definitely prefer shooting there in the fall!

Believe it or not, but this location is right beside a busy highway in Abbotsford! Due to the direction we were shooting at though you'd never be able to tell!

There were a couple of weeks in the fall where the orange colours were just flourishing and I loved how you could see them in the background of these photos!

This park is huge and there are some nice bridges and paths to explore as well!

Thanks for reading and checking out some of my favourite photoshoot spots! I hope to do a post about my top locations at the end of each session. Feel free to share with your friends or fellow photographers if you're looking to expand your locations options for the Fall!

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