Mt Cheam Engagement Session:

Rewind to the summer of 2021, my clients had sent a message asking what I thought about doing a mountain top engagement session. Obviously, my answer was 100% YES! I had always wanted to take pictures in the meadows at Mt. Cheam and Taylor had suggested the exact location.

Although the meadows at this mountain are absolutely gorgeous they are not the most accessible. Nevertheless, we still were both ready and equally excited to take on this adventure.

The date of the engagement session came around and it was the most beautiful sunny afternoon. We wanted to leave a couple of hours before the sunset since we knew it would take us a while to get up the mountain.

We grabbed dinner on the way and the lineup unexpectedly took much longer than we had anticipated and the fear of losing light started to become a little more of a reality. BUT we still had time and thought we couldn't give up now.

After about an hour of driving up the mountain, we were nearly at the parking lot when we approached a sketchy part of the path. We kept driving forward only to lose traction and roll a few feet right back. Yet again we weren't ready to give up and about 5 tries later we made it past this section. Finally, we arrived at the parking lot and we began hiking to the meadows. We had missed golden hour, but we still had some light so our hopes were up!

About 20 minutes later we arrived at the most beautiful location! Seriously the scenery was breathtaking; the mountains, the pastures of flowers, and the clear skies! Despite the amazing view there were thousands of mosquitoes all attacking us, but we didn't let that stop us from starting our photos! I spent the next half an hour photographing these two in the most gorgeous setting. We even found some friendly deer that wanted to come to say hi.

We spent every minute we could photographing until it literally became dark! Even with all the obstacles of getting to the mountain, I would do it 100 times over again! I was so happy with the results of the photos and had such a wonderful time with Taylor and Tyler. They had the best attitudes despite everything that happened and I'm so looking forward to capturing their wedding day this summer!

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