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Your hype girl, bonus bridesmaid, professional third wheeler and baby snuggler. 

hey it's annika

As an art-oreineted individual, working in the creative community has been a dream come true for me. Since pursing photography as a career path I’ve come to discover the treasured joys in entrepreneurship.


I’m happiest on any beach but if I had to pick a favourite shore, it would definitely be found in Hawaii. Traveling is one of my greatest passions and I love capturing my adventures through story-told photographs. Although the Fraser Valley has been my home for the past 20 years, I cannot wait to explore the next few places on my bucket list, including Italy, Greece and Utah!


I truly believe that iced-coffee can make any day 10 times better, and I’m torn that I was introduced to this magical drink so far into life at the age of 16. 


I treasure my relationship with my Heavenly Father more than anything else in this world and I’m incredibly thankful for all the opportunities I’ve had to follow my dreams. I'm in awe of God's creation each time I get to shoot at the beautiful locations in BC and beyond. Being able to capture the significant chapters of people’s stories is a gift I will always hold closely to my heart.

behind the scenes

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